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Alternate - Raze by Whisski Alternate - Raze by Whisski
Alright, my 100th submission!!!! :boogie:
I’m so ecstatic about that!
And to go so nicely with that is my lovely Raze.
This is my submission for the “Alternate” pic in the 100 pic challenge, ironic isn’t it?
Since Raze was the only Anthro I have that has a muzzle, I thought I’d make her like the rest, I won’t necessarily drop the muzzle completely (cuz it’s really fun to draw), but the humanistic version works better.

This drawing really was “make it up as I go” based, but the end result is pleasing. I knew I wanted Raze to look kinda ethereal and still a bit sexy, but beyond that, I had no clue. The mic was just thrown in there so she could be holding something, plus it added to the feel of it all. The drapes in the background were really spur the moment so there would be more to the drawing.

I really wish I had this outfit! I kinda have the dress, but mine is longer :XD:
So, lots of fishnet+ corset and thi-highs+ striped socks = SEX APPEAL!!! ;P

the thing on the wall is part of Raze’s tattoo, but I couldn’t fit in the other side... It still looks kinda cool, right? :confused:

Anyways! :D

Done in 2.5 hours
Done with Sakura Pens, Sharpies, and colored pencils
Raze © me

I’m going to be drawing more of this version or Raze, so that’s about that.
I look forward to feedback!
:love: Everyone!!!
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October 5, 2007
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