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Clayton Danvers by Whisski Clayton Danvers by Whisski
Don’t let my sig by his foot fool you, this is OLD. Over a year old actually. Though I edited him out, there’s another character on this page, and I created him last year, so yeah.

As the title says, this is Clayton Danvers, a character in Kelley Armstrong’s wonderful series, Women of the Otherworld. There’s been 6 novels and several novellas published. I’ve only read the novels, but I adore the series. My faves are the first two books, Bitten and Stolen, that focus on a female werewolf named Elena. Clayton is her lover. As you expected, he’s a werewolf too.

But, there’s more to Clayton that makes him my favorite character in Kelley’s books. First of all, he’s 37 and could still pass for 21. Having Baywatch good looks is a definite plus, but what makes it even better is that he’s a genius with a PhD in anthropology. Hell, he’s even done lectures. What makes him tops hands down for me though, is his background.

In Kelley’s world, werewolves are male only, and they can’t transform until the boys reach puberty. That all was fine and dandy until the current Pack Alpha, Jeremy, (werewolf pack) found a five year old boy in the Louisiana Bayou who was able to change into a werewolf and was killing humans. This was Clayton. Rather than sentence the boy to death, as was normal for werewolves who feasted on humans, Jeremy took the boy back to the Pack home, Stonehaven, and adopted the boy as his son.

As Clay grew, he began to get teased at school for his bayou accent. Rather than lose the accent, he chose to keep it. This made him stand out, especially since Stonehaven is located in northern New York state.

Clay never lost the accent either. And now he’s the muscle for the Pack, as well as Jeremy’s bodyguard.
Here’s the man who, when saying “darling”, says “dah-lin”. That makes him loveable, at least for me :giggle:

So this is basically my representation of Clay. He doesn’t wear a lot of color, so I made his outfit as simple as possible.

And he doesn’t really have wolf ears and a tail, I just got bored. ^^;

I’ll probably get around to drawing more of Kelley’s characters.

Done in 1 hour
Done with Zig Pens, sharpies, and colored pencils
Clayton, and everything related © Kelley Armstrong
Art, interpretation © me

Seriously, if you like werewolves, witches, shamans, vampires, sorcerers, and demons, READ THESE BOOKS!!!
If you’re interested, tell me and I’ll give you the list.

:love: Everyone!
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February 18, 2008
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