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Ruler of the Race _ Olympus by Whisski Ruler of the Race _ Olympus by Whisski
Kitten, this is for you!! :hug;

I’ve finally done a pic of Olympus! If you don’t know who he is and wants to know, check out my short story, Fire of Sinai :D

Well, dear elfinitra asked my to do a pic of one of my Greater Drayconiks for him, and this is the final product.

Honest to god, I drew Olympus (without the bg) in like 20 mins for my psychology class :D
Everyone in the class was ready to kill (not artists) and my friend, Hank was super impressed. I then worked on this all Saturday ^^;

I’m so happy with the way this turned out, I wasn’t planning on doing such a detailed background, but it really only took about a half-hour to do :w00t:

Olympus’ hair style was inspired by Belial’s in the manga, Tarot Café (read it!)
Everything else is mine. :devilish;

As you can/can’t see, Olympus’ left arm is entirely covered by cloth, unlike his right hand, which has skin showing. I haven’t decided why yet, but its one of the following:
Either it’s badly scarred, or it’s mechanized (kinda like Ed’s automail)
Haven’t chosen one yet, but either way, the other Anthros did it to him, which is why eh dislikes other Anthros. This took place before the Anthro world was made, so he should have had time to get over it, but the act left deep scars in his heart.

This is my way of not making Olym seem like not such a bad guy. :giggle:
I don’t have the heart to do it.

Notice that his eyes are red. Remember, Sinai’s white eyes turn red when angry, guess what color Olympus’ eyes turn when he’s ticked? :XD:
Anyone else thinking that there’s something Olympus and Sinai were never told?
They are the eldest after all. :D
(I’ll leave the questions up to you guys)

Done in 3.5 hours
Done with ZIG Pens, Sharpies, and colored pencils
Olympus, art, Sinai, Greater Drayconiks © me

Kit, thanks for your support :blowkiss:

I’ll work on a ref pic for Olym next, sorry I didn’t make one before this :stupidme:
Yay for Olympus looking all sexy and serene :boogie:
Who’s that in the background? Guesses are welcome!
:love: Everyone!!
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November 6, 2007
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