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The Wonder From Down Under by Whisski The Wonder From Down Under by Whisski
Under the sea, that is :heart:

This is my “welcome back to DA” pic. It’s got good feel to it :D

I did this pic about a month ago when my Composition teacher was giving us a 90 minute lecture on plagiarism. It was either draw or go comatose, so I drew, not surprisingly ;P
I basically wanted to make an underwater character who had purple hair :confused:

This guy’s a new character of mine, but I still haven’t given him a name. I’m thinking of going with Izzy.
Anyways, he’s got a surfer dude kind of attitude, and is very laid back and fun to be with.
He’s an anthro of the Commerson’s dolphin, which I chose simply because it had an easy color scheme ^^;
He does a lot of underwater sports, but his main job is to serve as a messenger, escort, and sometimes a fighter for Leviathan and his Clan.

Done in 1.5 hours
Done with Sakura Pen, Sharpies, and colored pencils
This chara (Izzy), Leviathan and Leviathan Clan, art © me

I know wristbands are pointless/ stupid underwater, but I wanted to create a sportier look for him :XD:
Lemme know what you think of his name!
And man is it good to be back! :boogie:

:love: Everyone!
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June 11, 2008
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