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Thujone - MYO Browbird by Whisski Thujone - MYO Browbird by Whisski

Warning for abuse, slavery, and violence (all within pg-13 range)

Edit! 9/10 - Added root markings to Thujone's legs (explanation below) and a little bit of an outline to the accessories so they stand out from the background more. 

It took a month of planning, character development, and hard work, but here we are---my absolute pride and joy! This is the first time I've ever made such a detailed Refsheet, I'm really proud. Made entirely with Procreate on the iPad Pro. Feel free to ask any questions!


Thujone (Thoo-jon)

Nickname: Baba Yaga

Occupation: Brewmaster, herbalist

Gender: She/ they (she is preferred) NEVER "IT"

Age: 80 

Height: 7’2” 

Build: Lean, full of muscle

Magic: Dreams/Nightmares + Wood


Ringed Crest

Small Anter Horns

Rooster Tail

Arm/Leg/Chest Fluff

Tusks + Fangs


(I put this in as a stash journal simply because its a massive backstory)

Personality & General Info:

Thujone is the embodiment of the strong, silent type. She says little, preferring to let her actions do the talking. She is gruff, blunt, uncouth, and often grumpy. Her voice is deep and her words are often slow, as if she still needs to carefully consider the words sometimes. For being only 80 in Browbird years, she acts fairly like a crotchety old woman, earning her the nickname Baba Yaga (which she took to wholeheartedly). The nicknmae sticks better because she is chicken-footed and lives in a hut in the woods (see Baba Yaga mythology for details). Thujone has a fiery temper, but rarely gets truly enraged (not doubt out of fear for what her Nightmare magic might do). Most of the time she is calm, exuding a quiet serenity that most find calming, despite her temper. Try as she might to keep people at a comfortable distance, this tends to draw them closer in to her. She has a strong passion for brewing and also for cooking, having only discovered delicious food in her 20s, after she escaped from captivity. When not toiling in her sizable distillery or over her cauldron in her hut she often wanders her woodland home, gathering new plants for brews. She has become well-acquainted with many of the fauna that inhabits Carnivale as well, and enjoys spending time with them. On very rare occasions she will venture into the town of Carnivale, usually to visit friends. If you’re lucky, she might conjure some dream magic, which she has a new profound love and respect for.

Thujones is a pragmatic soul. Despite having an aspect based around dreams and fantasies she prefers to leave that out of her daily life. Thujone is a worker through and through; nothing about her appearance or mannerisms are elegant. She's usually covered in sweat, dirt, and myriad residues affiliated with being a Brewmaster and herbologist, and she wouldn't have it any other way. Her hair has likely never seen a comb, since caring about her appearance would distract from her work and the things she actually cares about. Her single point of physical pride are her engraved horns. She is practical to a fault and lives a fairly minimalistic lifestyle. Thujone has few indulgences, these pipe smoking (never tell her she can't do it indoors), taking long baths, and enjoying some of her favorite concoctions. 

Over time Thujone’s early years in captivity and in battle has taken its toll on her body. Her scars have faded but the damage has been done. Extreme malnutrition coupled with heavy use in fights has made her teeth weak, and so she had iron coverings fashioned for her tusks and fangs, to protect them from further damage. It wasn’t a pleasant experience having them installed but she decided it was better than losing her most prominent teeth. Her muscles and joints are often stiff especially in her knees as the result of overuse in the fighting pit. She has a large walking stick she uses to get around, and it conveniently doubles as a giant pestle for grinding up plants into brew components. 

Rare is the instance when Thujone must remember her old fighting prowess, but woe betide anyone who crosses her enough to use it. Sullivan and Lysandre may be the guardians of Carnivale but Thujone can even stand with them as a formidable force, if need be, wielding her pestle and Dream and Wood magic with equal proficiency and ferocity. Thankfully Carnivale is a small, largely unknown pocket dimension, and so rarely has to face any adversaries.

The carvings on Thujone’s horns tell the story of her captivity, and two rescues, once by Edythe, and once by the citizens of Carnivale. She requested her horns also be covered in iron and the carvings etched into that, specifically by Sullivan and Lysandre. Thujone is immensely proud of her horns. The treelike markings on her body were added with glamour, and she feels symbolizes her life in the woodlands, and also how she took root, first with Edythe, and again within Carnivale.

In recent years a kitbull has taken up residence with Thujone. She wasn't entirely pleased about this development at first but the two have developed a close if grudging bond. Thujone would never admit it, but the kitbull and its swarm of butterflies help calm her and keeps her nightmares at bay. She has named the Kitbull Hypnotic, or Hyp for short (clearly a reference to the liquor Hypnotiq, which happens to be one of my favorite drinks).

In the first years of living with Edythe it was clear Thujone lacked all coping mechanisms besides extreme rage or extreme disassociation via dreams for dealing with her painful past and terrifying nightmares. Edythe and Thujone together developed a means of coping through the application of  thin, intricate, rootlike markings to her legs, leading up to her center. In stressful times focusing on these markings helps to ground Thujone. She also feels they help to connect her more to the natural world and to her wood magic. Thujone cherishes these markings and believes they are one of the more precious gifts her mentor has ever given her.

Thujone's favorite pipe, her massive cauldron for experimenting with new drinks, and her pestle staff she uses to grind up drink components, which doubles as her weapon. The crystal's on it help her channel her Wood magic. Thujones often wears many layers to better cover her many scars, and will wear something till it's falling apart. Her headband is compiled of many fabric scraps.

Design notes:
Thujone's red/blue sash is based off my favorite scarf! She's covered in scars, her back especially from floggings (not shown)

Her feet have the 4 usual browbird toes you just can't see them from the angle she's standing at.

Extra Links:
Lysandre (this is WIP but it'll help with imagining her triple-face)
Hypnotic is Lapis Lazuli from this set…

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Malacandrax Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
I love the pestle staff! Thats such a cool idea :'), and the teeth too! You've put so much detail into everything, its lovely! I really like the hands and feet- they feel super birdlike!
Autumnal-Husky Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my goodness this is beautiful ;w;
Whisski Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you so much, I'm so proud of her, she came out better than I could haver ever imagined >w<
Limesparrow Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn what a cool bird! Love the hair and what a fantastic bio <33 those uncouth types are great
Whisski Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
omg thank you so much ;w; I really put my heart into making her, so im thrilled it came through! (holy butts thank you for reading her essay of a bio >/////< you're too sweet!)

Haha yessss I just loved the idea of this crotchety, ruffian of old bird, cuz Browbirds always seems so elegant to me. That's so not Thujone XD
Limesparrow Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
<3 eheh giving characters /character/ is always rlly great 
Whisski Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
^ this times a million :love:
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